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Cultivate Inclusivity’s Media Attention

Cultivate Inclusivity has been very fortunate to have been given exposure and attention by multiple media outlets within 2020. Our SFU community has been a massive support in our journey and has highlighted Cultivate in a few entrepreneurial articles.

SFU Radius and Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship both brought attention to our Spring 2020 success within Opps Fest.

Embark a fellow SFU non-profit gave us the opportunity to discuss our growth, future plans and passion for advocating for the DTES community.

Finally, our feature in City Studio Vancouver's talked about our motivation in the creation of Cultivate Inclusivity, and our goals as an organization to help provide the DTES community with positive opportunities.

We are grateful for these platforms and giving us the chance to express our passion and work to a broader audience. If you would like to read in-depth our coverage and interviews, the links are attached below.

SFU Radius:

Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship:

Embark Sustainability:

City Studio Vancouver:

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